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Home Again?

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Well, I've been back for several days, sort of! Monday, my first day back in the office was only a half day before leaving for training in the afternoon. Tuesday was a road trip to Calgary and an overnight in Innisfail, with training in both cities. On the way home I took a little detour back through Red Deer before reaching home to Wetaskiwin Wednesday night. Work on Thursday included a 2 hour commute home thanks to to sheer ice roadways. Now, Friday morning, I'm back in the airport. On my way to Paris. For more of my ramblings check out my next blog "we are family".

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A few of my favourite things...

Part one

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Why do we come back year after year to Mazatlan?

Palapas at the beach


Buses that'll pick you up and drop you off at any point on their route - all for 10 pesos

Mexican dining, especially chips and refritos for breakfast.

Tennis with Oscar

Winning RIFAS (bingo) at the pool.

Cerveza - drinking Mexican style at the ball game (four people contributed to my stack)

Perfect weather every day: low 20, high 30

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Fishermen four return


Almost 8 hours later the fab four return.

The flags on the boat announce the haul.

Apparently it was a successful day.

Everyone wants their share

Ten fish were caught and eight were released.

None of the four wanted to stuff their fish for 800 usd and then ship them home. The fish caught today were given to a local orphanage.

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It was an early morning today

I was up before the dawn...

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Ok I know I that's not the song but close enough. So why was it up so early you might ask! Well someone decided to go fishing. I got up at 5:40 to see him off.

This is Mazatlan at 5:55 (yes that is am)

We got to the Harbour Master at 6 to get the fishing license.

Dave was meeting up with Jim, Sandy and another Canadian we met here. We met Sandy on one of our first days here. He came to Canada as a young man to pursue his soccer career. He played and coached in BC, until his knees gave out and his banking career took off.

Sandy and his wife Donna were joined by their son Jim and his family. They live in Mission BC.

So why am I giving you so much detail? Well Dave grew up in Mission and as it turns out Dave and Jim graduated in the same class! Funny to travel to another country and be reunited with an old friend!

The fourth Canadian on the boat is from St. Albert! Imagine that.

The fishermen four:

I saw the group off and contrary to what you might expect, I did not go back to sleep! I had a cup of coffee and got ready for tennis.

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El Presidente visits El Cid

Felipe Calderón


The Mexican president, Felipe Calderón, is staying at our hotel!

We woke up this morning just like every other day in paradise, greeted by the sun. Expecting nothing out of the ordinary we headed to our tennis lesson. When we got to the front we noticed there were no loitering taxis or pulmonias. The shuttle was being washed. Our driver explained that the President was coming here to open a new stretch of road. It sure has been exciting around here.

There have been two police boats in the marina all day.

Metal detectors were set up at the entrance to the resort.

A canine unit patrolled the grounds. Secret service men were housed throughout the resort (including in the room adjacent to ours). Fully fatigued army dudes with machine guns were posted at key spots. (some of these guys wore balaclavas).

We waited poolside all day for Senor Calderón to come. At dinner our long wait was finally rewarded. More secret service men came, staff ran around like crazy, then he came. He greeted staff and guests alike. We were content to remain on the balcony and clap and wave from there. Dad snapped a quck photo.PB270565.jpg
The President is the man interest blue shirt.

The President is staying in the presidential suite (of course) in the same building as my parents (two floors up from them). I'm sure they will have some stories to tell tomorrow.

The President has picked a great place to enjoy some of his last few days of presidency. On December 1, Enrique Pena Nieta is scheduled to take office for the next 6 years.

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