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semi-overcast 25 °C

Not wanting to miss any minute of our holiday, day one started at 2am! Well we may have chosen to wake a little later if the flight didn't leave so early! I've never had such an uneventful check in. We got our boarding passes, baggage tags and verified our passports right at the self check-in. We were first in line to check our bags as well as pass through security. For those of you who have travelled with me in the past will be surprised to hear that this went smoothly as well. No full body pat down, no search of the carry on, no removal of any clothing or otherwise.

As Dave and I hung out in the gate sipping our Starbucks, we soon noticed something different about our fellow travellers. Well maybe it was something different about us! Dave and I found ourselves on the senior run. Many Snowbirds heading down for the season.
Just as we were about to board, several younger flyers came, a couple families and about a dozen workers returning home. These Mexicans made the first part of our flight very exciting. Our plane was turned into a pulmonia, with the whistling and hooting, all that was missing was the music.

The excitement didn't stop there. The man in front of me ( sitting in the emergency aisle) told the steward that he was really sick and asked to move closer to the washroom. His request was denied because the plane was full. I wondered for the rest of the flight how he was going to handle the emergency door. Then the man sitting across the aisle from me passed out and vomited. This caused quite a stir as the people around him pushed the steward call button and no one responded until one mancalled out "HEY" then they came running. A little while later, the crew advised that a passenger was suffering a medical event and they asked for a doctor, nurse, or paramedic! We are 2 hours into our flight as I write this, I sure hope the rest of this flight is uneventful. I spoke way too soon! One hour left in the plane and the guy in front of me gets sick! It wasn't a pretty!

Well we are here now finally. After a long delay and a wee little snafu with our room we are finally in our home. Exhausted and off to bed!IMG_00000040.jpg

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'twas the day before Mazatlan

Am I suffering from traveller's remorse?

semi-overcast -5 °C

A day off means sleeping in! And that is exactly what I did today! But when 5:30 is regular wake up time, 7:30 is definitely sleeping in! Grabbing my fortified coffee I looked outside my kitchen window. Yes it truly is beautiful here! Even with the snow I am in love with Canada!
My backyard

My backyard

Then I started thinking about the last minute running around I have to do and how I'd have to trek out in that snowy world. I think I can leave this place behind afterall - even if is only for a couple of weeks!

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Countdown is on!

Are we there yet?

"There are several countdowns, which one would you like?" Dave says when I ask him how many days until Mexico. you wouldn't think there would be more than one but workdays = 8; days til we leave 13; hours until we get there = 323! Yay!

095.jpg this little one has nothing to do with my trip but isn't she cute!

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Fifty-four days

...and counting

I know, I haven't even left yet, but this waiting for the journey to start is making me crazy. This will be my 8th trip to Mexico, and I think my 6th to the same desitination! I'm a creature of habit and I love my Mexican holiday! This is what I'm waiting for...

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