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Tennis and tequila

sunny 30 °C

The day started with a fantastic lesson with Oscar. Aside from the smashes, I was okay. I might have taken my eye off the ball for a brief moment I'm not sure, but what I am sure of is those safety sunglasses (which thankfully safety Dave makes me wear) did a great job of protecting my eyeball, as the tennis ball made contact with my face at great velocity! At the end of the lesson, Dave and I took on the folks. We rose to the occasion and proved to be an unstoppable duo: Dave was the striker and I the sweeper.

Later we returned to the courts to watch some of the Mazatlan ITF Futures.

The young Canadian played well but unfortunately could not get to the quarter finals in singles.
Interestingly he was playing doubles later with a fellow from New Zealand. Someone he had just met there. It would be hard to play tournament doubles with someone you didn't know very well.

Plans to spend the rest of the day at the beach were foiled by a "quick" lunch at la concha.

We were joined by new friends Sandy and Donna and after a few stories and a Cerveza or two effectively wasted several hours. We hadn't wasted the entire day yet. But the long walk back to the marina left us very thirsty. Before grabbing our beach bag we decided to get some water. But then someone ordered a Cerveza, then a cocoloco, then decided they should make their way through cocktail list. Any thoughts of going to the beach had happily left our heads.

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Zona Dorada

26 °C

Today we walked down to the Golden Zone.

It was a perfect day for a walk. Not too hot, a little overcast, and a gentle breeze. Unlike previous years, we were only stopped by three timeshare vendors the entire 5-hour journey. Dave and I lost our resolve with the last vendor and yes, we signed up for a "90" minute tour.

Last year we noticed many of the stores in the golden zone had closed and there was not the same level of excitement and energy as in previous years. This year, I could sense despair. Many more stores had closed, there we fewer vendors the restaurants were mostly empty, and the taxis were few and far between. Senor Frogs still blasted the music and air-conditioning out onto the street but other than that it was pretty quiet. We spoke with one clerk who told us she worked everyday there 10-6, 7 days a week on commission. When we left the store without a purchase, she gave us her name and encouraged us to come back and ask for her. It was a very depressing journey. By the end I couldn't bring myself to look at anything. I didn't want to get anyone's hopes up. I just looked straight ahead and walked.

There may be some hope for this area as the cruise ships are slowly coming back. The Golden Zone used to be full of "cruisers " just itching to spend their money.

Today I spent a lot of time thinking about how lucky we've had it growing up in Canada. I have talked to so many staff here and have been amazed at their low income and long hours like $5/day for the wait staff with one day off a week. My mom was telling me about their former Spanish teacher who took a new job as an executive secretary. She was docked one day of pay because she took the keys to the bathroom home. Our concierge gets one day off a week as well, but he is here right from the beginning if the day right until the end. Last Saturday he worked until 330 am and was back Sunday for his regular shift. He is also the site's paramedic. He is always good spirited, has a bright smile even after putting in a 16 hour day. I'm sure you can all imagine the face I'd be making if I had to work a 16 hour day and then had to come back the next day.

Back to the lighter side, we ran into travel friends Gillian and Deni. It was great to seen them again. We always meet fascinating people on our trip here. Gillian and Deni are right from Edmonton. It was a nice and unexpected reunion.

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Dia de la revolucion

sunny 23 °C

Today is a national holiday in Mexico! I'm embarrassed to say I know virtually nothing about Mexican history. But thanks to my friend Wikipedia, I now know a wee bit...
"The Day of the Revolution (in Spanish, “Día de la Revolución”) is celebrated annually in Mexico on November 20, the anniversary of the 1910 start of the popular movement which led to the overthrow of dictator José de la Cruz Porfirio Díaz Mori after 34 years of military rule but ushered in over a decade of civil war which ultimately led to the promulgation of the nation’s constitution in 1917 and the 1920 ascension to the presidency of General Álvaro Obregón."

Unlike holy week, the hotel and roads are very quiet. But most things appear open, maybe that's just because we're in the resort area. Boy I think about how relatively stable the last century has been for Canada and realize that we have been very lucky! Perhaps the only comparison could be the 14 year reign of King Ralph! My good friend wiki informs me the PC party has "served" Alberta since 1971 without interruption.

Huh? Where did that little bit of reality come from? Okay back to holiday mode. Did I mention I'm sitting on my balcony overlooking the marina drinking my latte?

This morning I woke with the sun. Probably wouldn't have if my alarm hadn't sounded the call for tennis. We got in a half hour warm up before Oscar made it Courtside. He is really busy with Men's future ITF tournament. There are three Canadians playing in it including a youngster from Manitoba. I'm hoping to catch a couple of games later in the week.

The tennis lesson was awesome today. I had a good workout, my face wasn't beet red at the end and my knees gave me no trouble. My mom tracked down some towels for us ( for some reason at the country club they are kept under lock and key but her perseverance was rewarded) even playing at 7:30 is hot! I'm actually a little surprised that any of us could move at all this morning after our protein gorge-fest last night!

Nothing else on the agenda today, perhaps a little swim? A walk on the beach? Maybe a little more George from the Sweeny! And hopefully a little fb chat with my favourite!

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Over indulgence

How am I going to survive 2 weeks of all inclusive?

22 °C

Thanks to mom and dad, Rigo arranged a special dinner feast for the four of us. This included 3 lobsters, 3 5x shrimp skewers, 4 steaks and 4 ribs. Add this to 2 bottles of wine, tomato and avocado vorspeise, and desserts all around and you get one rolly-polly Kirsten! So much for the ideal protein, and being able to fit into all my old clothes!

Actually, the fitness part of our holiday starts tomorrow: our first tennis lesson of the season with Oscar. Unfortunately there is a tournament this week so we won't get on the court as much as we'd like but I'm hoping for many more beach walks, and maybe the occasional trek to the gym and swim in the ocean.

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Waking up in paradise...

sunny 29 °C

I can't believe how lucky I am. This morning I woke up at 7 after a solid 8 hours of sleep, to a gorgeous sunny day. Not too hot and not too humid. The only item on my agenda, a massage at 11. With a couple of minutes to spare before leaving for my day's activity, I thought I'd share the view
This picture is taken from my balcony looking toward the ocean.

This one looks straight off the balcony.

This view is back toward the main building.

Our balcony, second up and second over.

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